Price Transparency Update


We’re working closely with our partner, zakipoint Health, to launch a cost-estimation tool shortly that meets the new Federal requirements under the Transparency in Coverage (TiC) rules. The contract is signed and our implementation is well underway. Members will experience seamless access to the Cost Estimator tool through a mobile app or their member portal.


This tool will enable members to:

See estimated treatment and out-of-pocket costs
Filter/reorder results based on cost and proximity to a ZIP code or via a map view
By 2024, search for any covered item or service

Join us for our upcoming webinar!

part a

Join Sean Garrett, COO of PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, serving the healthcare payer space for over 24 years, as he speaks with Ramesh Kumar, host of "Voices of Self-Funding" podcast and CEO of zakipoint Health. Ramesh will share practical tips from his experience launching his cost estimator tool with multiple PAs, integrating various data elements.

Some of your questions that will be answered:
1.    What is expected for 1/1/2023?
2.    What are the challenges tied to launching Cost Estimator tool that TPAs are experiencing?
3.    What type of integration with data is required by the core claims system?
4.    What are the steps to launching cost estimator tool?

5.    Case Studies: Value Health Benefit Administrators & Enterprise Group Resources and many more